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Kingsway Ministries "Footsteps of Jesus"

Israel Tour Trip #10 July 3 - July 14, 2023





Tour Director Dr. Gary W. Fouche' ThD, Brunswick, Ga.

KWM founder and CEO

Tour Guide and driver Yosef Mansour

Staff Assistant: Katrina Mitchell Jacksonville Fla.

Tour Bus Services: Pastor Yousef Mansour, Jerusalem Israel. I have been using Pastor Yousef's tour services for many years.

I am excited that you are considering "walking in the footsteps of Jesus" in the land where it all took place. I have been 9 times since 2011. I see and learn many things on each trip. We will be walking on the land of 6000 years of biblical history! I assure you, you will never be the same! Not only will you walk where Jesus walked but also where Adam and Eve, Noah, Abraham and all the patriarchs and prophets, David and all the Kings of Israel and the women who walked with these great men of God. You, as a participant, will be a "pilgrim" in the Land of Israel. We will be away 12 days and 9 nights in Israel. It is a day and a half each way. Our hotels are The Imperial Hotel and Christ Church in Jerusalem. Both hotels are within 100 yards of each other, located in the old city by the Jaffa Gate. We have to move for the last two nights because The Imperial was already booked.  We check in Tuesday July 4th and check out on Thursday July 13th flying out of Tel Aviv around 11:30 a.m. and arriving at JAX early the morning (midnight) of July 14th. 

We depart America Monday, July 3rd and arrive in Tel Aviv Tuesday July 4th. (Israel is 7 hrs. ahead EST). Each Pilgrim should decide soon, as airline seats fill up quickly. We will be taking the King David underground train from Ben Gurion Airport to Jerusalem. We plan to worship at a church service in Jerusalem the first Sunday we are in Israel. The first few days we will be centered in Jerusalem and the sites there. I will furnish a daily itinerary later.  

This list is not conclusive but some of the places we will visit are: In Jerusalem: The Citadel of David, we will also attend the light show there in the evening. It shows the history of Israel in lights! We will visit the Upper Room and the room of the Last Supper. We will take a tour of the City of David (it adjoins the old city) and visit the Western Wall for a time of prayer and meditation. If tickets are available, we will go to the underground tunnel tour beneath the old Temple of Jerusalem. We will also visit the Armenian and Muslim shopping sections.

We will tour the Temple Institute where the plans for the Third Temple are on display. We visit the Garden Tomb and Mt. Calvary and have a time of prayer, meditation and communion. Afterwards, we will visit the Church of All Nations at the Garden of Gethsemane and base of Mount of Olives and visit the top of the Mount of Olives, the tomb of Lazarus at Bethany and visit the site of the Ascension of Jesus, Pilate's House and the Eye of the Needle. Next on the itinerary are The Dead Sea Scrolls Museum, the Holocaust Museum, and the Knesset.

Our bus trips outside of Jerusalem will include Bethlehem,

Shepherds Field, The Church of the Nativity (birthplace of Christ), The ancient village of Emmaus and Hebron the Tomb of the Patriarchs. On the trip to Galilee we will see the oldest city in the world "Jericho", the Valley of the Shadow of death, St. George's Monastery, ancient Ephraim which is present day Tybee. In the Nazareth area we will see the Mount of Transfiguration believed to be Mt. Tabor. In Galilee we will visit Tiberias, Capernaum, Sermon on the Mount and a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee. We will see other sites that are not listed, and some sites listed may not be seen due to circumstances.

The cost of trip: Pilgrims pay their room cost. Breakfast is provided each morning, included in room cost. Pilgrims are responsible for their food costs each day. Pilgrims will purchase their own airline tickets according to the flight info that I provide. Pilgrims also pay the daily transportation costs as a group, which will vary depending on the needs of the group (van or bus). We all need to fly the same Delta flight, at least from Atlanta to Tel Aviv. The flight numbers are:  DL2569 (JAX to ATL), DL248 (ATL to TLV) Monday July 3rd and return flights are Thursday July 13th DL249 (TLV to ATL) and DL2746 (ATL to JAX). Tickets are estimated now at around $1440 (standard seats) - $1650 (comfort seats) round trip. The Imperial Hotel is $160 per night for a double, and $110 per night for a single. Christ Church is $191 per night for a double and $131 per night for a single. My fee as facilitator is $300 per person. Payment is required as soon as you purchase your Delta tickets.  You can use a Zelle account or a personal check. You can e-mail me at if you need my mailing address or have questions. Our total estimated cost per pilgrim, including air fare, hotel accommodations, facilitator costs, and transportation costs, is approximately $3,500-$3,800 each.

As facilitator I decide our accommodations, airline travel, and daily tours. I will teach at the various sites.  At times others will teach as well.

I prefer we all fly Delta Airlines together from Jacksonville to Atlanta to Tel Aviv (if you are flying from various parts of the country, you may meet us in Atlanta, but must fly with us on the flight from ATL to TLV that I have given). You must have a current passport that does not expire at least 6 months from your entry into Israel. I also recommend emergency medical insurance. The airlines usually have an insurance option. I also carry an Israeli cell phone and register our group with the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem and give them a daily itinerary and they notify me of any travel alerts. I am looking forward so much to serving you on our 10th "Footsteps of Jesus" tour 2023.

Dr. Gary Fouche' Kingsway Ministries

Katrina Mitchell, KWM Board Member


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